Gift Wrapped

Our Origins

How We Got Here

At Estia Gifts, we are all about helping you take your relationships to the next level. Our business is rooted in the idea that life happens best when our relationships are thriving. Estia gifts was born when one too many high school friends of our founder shared their struggles with gift-giving. Our Founder at just at age 14, set out to solve this seemingly common problem. What started off as a small project to help his friends give better gifts grew into the business we have become today. We have perfected the art of curating the best gifts from around the world, so you do not have to look any further for the perfect gift. Whether it is your best friend, your spouse, your love interest, your neighbor, your teacher, your boss we have just the right gift to help you say, I love you; I care; I miss you; You are my BFF; We are in this together!; I  appreciate you; I am yours; You are strong; Thank you; Be my forever; Thinking of you; I am sorry; Just because; Congrats or anything at all that is on your mind today. Let Estia gifts help you build better relationships, today! Our catalog is refreshed constantly so visit us often!